Saturday, June 4, 2011


Alrighty so I don't know if you guys know this or not but... it is really hard for me to write blogs. I mean I REALLY have NO idea what to write but, whatever, I'm AWESOME, so I can pull it off ;) So I am like in LOVE with Neil Patrick Harris <3 I would TOTALLY marry him if he wasn't gay....and old. He is SO funny! I absolutely love him and his suits But anyway, moving on from my favorite person in the world, you know that song "Do the John Wall"? well in the beginning it says "Yeahhhh, Raleigh" and it also says in the chorus "Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance" Well my point is, it sounds like it's saying "YEAHHH, RYLIE" and "RYLIE BE THE CITY WHERE WE LIKE TO DO THE DANCE" In case you didn't know, MY name is Rylie;) The people who made the song must know how AH-MAZING I am. Just saying. Alright, moving on from my awesomeness.... today my baby sister decided to take my sunglasses (without my knowing),sit in her high chair for dinner and scoop her food into the lenses. I was so made, cuz it was like, cheesy corn stuff, it was RAUNCHY!!! Also my aunt gave me $20 for my belated birthday present last Sunday. I spent $18 on THREE pairs of flip flops! Only THREE! AND, I might add, TWO of those pairs were for my little sisters!!!!!!!! I HATE MY LIFE!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Beginning

Alrighty, so this is my first post, as you can see. I really have absolutely NO idea why I'm writing this, well actually I think that this happened because my mom decided to tell me how she made her blog and that I should contribute to the "Kid's Corner" part of it, and well this happened. I have no idea what to write and when I ask my mom, well she's old and she thinks that her jokes are funny(they really aren't, but trying to convince her of this fact, has proven to be IMPOSSIBLE), so basically, I have decided to write about what life is like living with a mom who has absolutely NO sense of humor, and what it is like living with 7 siblings, 1 niece and a nephew. My niece and nephew are both under the age of 2, as are my 2 youngest siblings. Half the time, I can't even think because of all the noise(don't get me wrong, I love babies as much as the next teenager, what I don't like is the constant crying, the changing of diapers and holding them.) So this blog is basically going to be about how much I hate my life and the why.